Saudi Masaei Contracting Company62 HOUSEKEEPING AND MAINTENANCE SERVICES SMCO Housekeeping Team Takes Pride In Keeping The Hotel Clean And Pleasant So That It May Be Called A »Home Away From Home«.

The Objective Of All Hospitality Services Is To Provide Their Customers With Clean, Attractive, Comfortable, Mep Services And Inviting Settings That Are Also Fairly Priced.

Nothing Makes A More Striking Statement Than Cleanliness In A Hospitality Facility. No Level Of Service Can Equal The Impression A Guest Receives When They Step Into An Immaculate, Tidy, And Well- Organized Room.

Both Management And Customers Think That Keeping The Environment Clean And In Good Repair Is Necessary For A Hotel To Charge A Reasonable Rate And Earn Repeat Business. Housekeeping Is An Operational Department In A Hotel That Is In Charge Of The Cleanliness, Maintenance, And Aesthetic Maintenance Of The Rooms, Public Areas, Back Areas, And Surroundings. Housekeeping Is An Ancillary Department That Has A Significant Impact On A Property’s Overall Reputation.

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